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Orbital motors

We deal in Danfoss orbital motor whose range is the broadest on the market. It's safest bet for quality, durability, efficiency and reliability. Danfoss Motor Series OMS, OMV, OMTS,OMR have set the industry standard.
We also deal in Danfoss’ Next Orbital X which is the new generation of OMP and OMR motors. With its unseen modular platform, and form and fit with your existing applications, it redefines motor conversion, improves performance and reduces total cost of ownership.

Gear motors

We supply gear motors of superior quality in Aluminium & CAST Iron Body with capacity ranging from 2.6cc/rev to 90cc/rev.

Fixed displacement axial piston motors

We offer next generation of fixed displacement axial piston motors. These motors deliver best-in-class package size and efficiency, installation versatility, and provide great solutions for propel, work function, and Fan Drive system for your mobile applications.

Fixed Displacement Bent Axis Motor for Open and Closed Circuit

We deal in Fixed Displacement Bent Axis Motor with Capacity from 10cc/rev to 250cc/rev for Mobile and Industrial Applications. These Motors have high starting torque yet they are compact making them ideal for use on Mobile Drive applications.

Open circuit reverse displacement motors

Danfoss reverse displacement motor fan drive solution fit a broad variety of applications and needs.

Closed circuit axial piston motors

Closed circuit axial piston motors We offer motor ranges with fixed, 2-position and continuously variable displacement controls, including the zero degree option with Capacity from 25cc/rev. to 160cc/rev..